Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Open Spaces

Today, I spoke with a woman who grew up on 5,000 acres of land!  They must have had a really, really long driveway!   Seriously, how amazing would it be to go out running for an hour each morning and never have to leave your own property? 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Open Mic Aggravation

I really try to be nice and supportive towards everyone, especially the newer comedians.  I was new once, and in some respects, I still am a new comedian.  I am a new comer to each stage of my career and I'm constantly looking towards the next step.  As long as we are constantly advancing, we will always be new to something.  But it is difficult for me to have respect for those who absolutely refuse put in the work.  If you want something in this business, you have to constantly put in the work to get it.  There are no handouts in comedy or the arts.  If you want the respect of audience, peers and producers it must be earned though writing, dedication to the craft, rewriting, working over and over and over to improve and perfect.  When comedians bring the same five minutes of horrible material to every open mic, it's an absolute disgrace to the craft.  It's one thing when comedians are testing new material, trying out new concepts or polishing there top five minutes...  But, it's quite another when comedians are wasting everyone's time including their own by repeatedly doing the same horrible material.  I don't want to be the bad guy, but if I don't start seeing some comedians challenge themselves by writing new material or improving their existing material, I'm no longer going to be so generous with stage time!
So, if you're working and reworking the same five to ten minutes repeatedly, that's alright so long as it's improving.  But, if you refuse to buckle down, write, create and attempt to advance your craft, then you're wasting my and everyone's time.  To try and fail and try again is noble...  But, to just keep failing without putting any work in is painfully horrible for everyone.

Comedy Under The Tap, October 26th

Electronic Bubba Muski

Peer Pressure / Student Discount

 During the 2011 season, Under Pressure Comedy and Student Discount Comedy are teaming up to create a showcase specifically designed to show off the talents of local, younger comedians.  Many of the performers are not permitted in the traditional twenty-one and over comedy venues. This showcase will land on the first Friday of every month at The Pressure Comedy Cafe located at 6318 North Clark Street in the Edgewater community of Chicago.  The show is completely free, all ages and friendly for almost all audiences.  (some adult content is expected)  Parking and transportation are both readily available.  Pressure offers a light dinner menu, snacks, full coffee bar and alcohol for those over 21 (21+ strictly enforced.)

Pressure Comedy Cafe
Every Friday Night
(Student Discount Comedy every First Friday of Month) 
8:00pm Seating / 8:30pm Show
6318 North Clark Street

Zanies Rising Star Showcase.

Wednesday, December 22nd I made my third appearance and first Rising Star Showcase appearance at Zanies Comedy Club. I accomplished everything I set out to do despite a few minor setbacks and a few things I'm now aware that I should work on.  To alleviate the nerves, I decided to do an improvised set of one liners.  Audience reaction was fantastic, but segues and callbacks were noticeably missing. (despite being my usual fortes)  I was given the position of first in the order which was a mixed blessing.  I do much better when I'm not over thinking my material however, a little time contemplate would have done me some good.  But, I'm not complaining...  For someone first out of the starting gates, my audience response was exceptional.  They caught the majority of the double meanings in my material and laughed exactly on the beats I had anticipated.  I walked away from this experience on a definite high note leaning that I can accomplish exactly what I set out to do.  And also learning that it would be for my benefit to work on a solid block of material that works every time rather than randomly drawing from a group of one liners that work the majority of the t time.

Zanies Comedy Club Chicago 1.312.337.4027
1548 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60610-1308

This is my very first blog.

Well, currently it's 3:40am and I'm not feeling that creative.  My brother has a blog and I feel encouraged after reading some of his to create one myself.