Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zanies Rising Star Showcase.

Wednesday, December 22nd I made my third appearance and first Rising Star Showcase appearance at Zanies Comedy Club. I accomplished everything I set out to do despite a few minor setbacks and a few things I'm now aware that I should work on.  To alleviate the nerves, I decided to do an improvised set of one liners.  Audience reaction was fantastic, but segues and callbacks were noticeably missing. (despite being my usual fortes)  I was given the position of first in the order which was a mixed blessing.  I do much better when I'm not over thinking my material however, a little time contemplate would have done me some good.  But, I'm not complaining...  For someone first out of the starting gates, my audience response was exceptional.  They caught the majority of the double meanings in my material and laughed exactly on the beats I had anticipated.  I walked away from this experience on a definite high note leaning that I can accomplish exactly what I set out to do.  And also learning that it would be for my benefit to work on a solid block of material that works every time rather than randomly drawing from a group of one liners that work the majority of the t time.

Zanies Comedy Club Chicago 1.312.337.4027
1548 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60610-1308

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