Sunday, January 30, 2011

The End of One Era, The Creation of Another...

After almost six years, Pressure Billiards and Cafe and Popcorn Assassin Productions, producer of The Under Pressure Comedy Show have decided to go in separate directions.March 4th, 2011 will be the last Under Pressure Comedy Show that Popcorn Assassin Productions and I will be produce for Pressure. It was an absolutely amazing six year run, but all good things must eventually come to an end.

Although this announcement is rather sudden, the decision to split over creative differences was done on good terms and with the best intentions of everyone involved.  Pressure Billiards and Cafe has decided to take creative control of the room and Popcorn Assassin Productions has decided that it would be best to take on new challenges.  I look forward to supporting Pressure with their new endeavors and owe Pressure a ton of gratitude for hosting our show as long as they did.

The Under Pressure Comedy Show and it's booking process as well as The Under Pressure Open Forum will remain the same until March 4th.   After March 4th, Pressure Billiards and Cafe will retain control of their Friday night entertainment including any future comedy show should it remain.  For future information about Friday night entertainment at Pressure Billiards and Cafe or for bookings for future events, please contact the staff at Pressure Billiards and Cafe.

The Under Pressure Comedy Show will continue in the near future on Friday nights under a new name and venue.  As always, Popcorn Assassin Productions is dedicated to providing new comedians with an excellent environment for creative growth.   We are also dedicated to providing audiences with comedians ranging from new to professional with styles ranging from stand-up, vaudeville, improv, musical, and more.  In addition to looking for a new venue, we are currently in cooperation with a new training center for the development of talent and with an arts management company to help train, develop, book and produce future shows.

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